Hello – my name is Jane and I love glass blowing. There are many talents that I look at and wish that I had. One that I find particularly uncommon but very fascinating is artistic glass blowing. I have seen this done in person a few times, and it always blew my mind how someone could do this so flawlessly and create some beautiful pieces.

One cool thing that I saw recently is that this is now being taught more. If I had it in my budget, I would love to attend a class to learn how to make these pieces. I’m already a digital and traditional artist, so glassblowing would be a cool aside that would pair well with those, I think.

My ideal thing would be to go to a class at a glass studio and actually learn directly from the artist. From some beginner lessons I’ve seen, they start you out blowing a bunch of small simple shapes. If I recall, the one I saw was teaching his students how to make marbles first. It’s amazing to see how those are formed, and it’s not as easy as it may appear, despite the objects being round. Then, as the students progress, they can do more difficult artistic pieces that employ a wide variety of skills and creativity.

I think picking up new skills is a great idea. I know that many people take up creative hobbies like painting, but glassblowing sounds like a ton of fun. Maybe one day, I can take a stab at it.