I am fascinated by the glass art done by artist Dale Chihuly. It is amazing to the see the work that is produced in his studio. Now that I am interested in learning glass blowing I need advice on some techniques and equipment.

Probably the most important piece of equipment is the glass blowing glasses. They provide lots of protection without obscuring the view of the piece being blown into a beautiful piece of art.

Some of the glasses block yellow flare but do not provide much protection above that. They do not look like they offer any protection against UV rays, for instance.

Are there pairs of glass blowing glasses that work to protect against flare and UV rays? I want a pair that will clip on over regular eyeglasses. It seems like the choice is one that needs to be made carefully.

There are so many pieces that can be made during a glassblowing session. I cannot wait to make my pieces wearing the right protective glasses.

I do not expect to become the next Chihuly, but I do expect to be able to follow my passion and create pieces that are good representations of what I feel.