Nowadays, you can find videos of just about anything online. Whether you want to watch a live show or see an expert angler reel in a fish, you can find a video with a few clicks.

However, there are some things that are best seen in person. One of those things is artistic glass blowing.

Watching someone blow glass can be genuinely incredible. In the moment, the glass doesn’t actually look like glass at all. It looks more like a beautiful bubble.

There are a lot of details that you won’t be able to notice in a video, even if that video is high definition. You won’t be able to see how delicate the glass actually is; you might not be able to appreciate all the beautiful colors in the glass.

In addition, you won’t have an opportunity to buy from a glass blower if you just watch a video. If you see someone in person, however, you’ll be able to buy some of their wares right away.

Videos are great, but they can’t show you everything. If you have the opportunity to watch someone blow glass in person, then you should take it!