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The Art of Blowing Glass

The Home Remodeling Team, Disney, Glass Blowing, and Me

So I finally took a trip to Walt Disney World this past weekend. Oh man, it was the trip of a lifetime. The parks were everything that I imagined they would be. I figured that the best part of the trip was going to be a ride. Splash Mountain is definitely worthy of a “way to go” here; but the best part of my trip was actually something unexpected.

On Main Street in the Magic Kingdom there’s this shop called Arribas Brothers. They have the most beautiful glass sculptures I’ve ever seen. They even blow the glass right there in the shop! I must have spent a good 45 minutes watching one of their workers go, and the artistry of it all is just mesmerizing. We met a group from Ohio and the husband-wife team are the owners of a Cleveland home remodeling company called Northeast Ohio Home Renovations, and they were talking about how glass blowing was how they met. Long story, but it was really sweet. I didn’t expect to talk about glassblowing while at Disney World, but the universe does strange things.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a new hobby for a while now, and I’m wondering if artistic glass blowing might be the way to go. I doubt I could ever be as good as the Arribas Brothers, they had a castle that they were selling for almost $40k! It could be a fun and calming hobby though, so I think I’ll give it a shot. Time to do some online research!

Artistic Glass Blowing Influences Home Improvement

Artistic glass blowing has always been interesting to me. I can remember when I was a child watching someone that did this at some kind of event my grandmother took me too. I was so young, but even then it was interesting to me.

I have watched some YouTube videos about glass blowing and how it’s done. There are lots of people that do this form of art. I just love the way it looks and the things that can be made with the glass. There are some really interesting pieces of art that are made.

I have thought about learning more about artistic glass blowing. I have even considered paying someone to teach me. I really want to learn how to do it, but I just don’t have time right now. I would love to go and see someone that does it. It is such an interesting thing to watch. I have a friend that runs a blog (Midwest Roofing Trends) and he was amazed by a local artist and said it gave him ideas for home improvement.

Once I have more time and am not in school full time, I am going to see if I can learn more about it and try it myself. I would really love to make things out of glass and hopefully I can one day.

Learning Artistic Glass Blowing

I am fascinated by the glass art done by artist Dale Chihuly. It is amazing to the see the work that is produced in his studio. Now that I am interested in learning glass blowing I need advice on some techniques and equipment.

Probably the most important piece of equipment is the glass blowing glasses. They provide lots of protection without obscuring the view of the piece being blown into a beautiful piece of art.

Some of the glasses block yellow flare but do not provide much protection above that. They do not look like they offer any protection against UV rays, for instance.

Are there pairs of glass blowing glasses that work to protect against flare and UV rays? I want a pair that will clip on over regular eyeglasses. It seems like the choice is one that needs to be made carefully.

There are so many pieces that can be made during a glassblowing session. I cannot wait to make my pieces wearing the right protective glasses.

I do not expect to become the next Chihuly, but I do expect to be able to follow my passion and create pieces that are good representations of what I feel.

Why Artistic Glass Blowing Should Be Seen In Person

Nowadays, you can find videos of just about anything online. Whether you want to watch a live show or see an expert angler reel in a fish, you can find a video with a few clicks.

However, there are some things that are best seen in person. One of those things is artistic glass blowing.

Watching someone blow glass can be genuinely incredible. In the moment, the glass doesn’t actually look like glass at all. It looks more like a beautiful bubble.

There are a lot of details that you won’t be able to notice in a video, even if that video is high definition. You won’t be able to see how delicate the glass actually is; you might not be able to appreciate all the beautiful colors in the glass.

In addition, you won’t have an opportunity to buy from a glass blower if you just watch a video. If you see someone in person, however, you’ll be able to buy some of their wares right away.

Videos are great, but they can’t show you everything. If you have the opportunity to watch someone blow glass in person, then you should take it!

Appreciating Artistic Glass Blowing

I’m no expert when it comes to glass art. I am, however, someone who really enjoys looking at how expertly crafted many of these beautiful pieces are. As an artist, I can truly look at something and not only find it beautiful but also look deeper into it o truly appreciate the work put into it.

The great thing about this type of art is how many different styles you can find in it. Just like other forms of art, no two artists blow glass the same way, and many even make used of mixed media. For example, one artist may incorporate it with fabric arts and another may choose to hand paint their pieces. The sky really is the limit when it comes to how one can approach this expressive and exciting art form.

Some artists choose to be more precise while others do not. You may see some artists make use of things like molds to create exact pieces. Others may just use free form blowing techniques that take on a life of their own, thanks to the artist’s techniques.

I really appreciate this type of art. I wish it was one that I could admire much more. maybe one day it will become more popular so that it wouldn’t be as hard to find as it is now.

Hello, and thanks for stopping!

Hello – my name is Jane and I love glass blowing. There are many talents that I look at and wish that I had. One that I find particularly uncommon but very fascinating is artistic glass blowing. I have seen this done in person a few times, and it always blew my mind how someone could do this so flawlessly and create some beautiful pieces.

One cool thing that I saw recently is that this is now being taught more. If I had it in my budget, I would love to attend a class to learn how to make these pieces. I’m already a digital and traditional artist, so glassblowing would be a cool aside that would pair well with those, I think.

My ideal thing would be to go to a class at a glass studio and actually learn directly from the artist. From some beginner lessons I’ve seen, they start you out blowing a bunch of small simple shapes. If I recall, the one I saw was teaching his students how to make marbles first. It’s amazing to see how those are formed, and it’s not as easy as it may appear, despite the objects being round. Then, as the students progress, they can do more difficult artistic pieces that employ a wide variety of skills and creativity.

I think picking up new skills is a great idea. I know that many people take up creative hobbies like painting, but glassblowing sounds like a ton of fun. Maybe one day, I can take a stab at it.